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3503 S Soncy Rd
Amarillo, TX 79119
(806) 589-3501

Dentist in Amarillo



When you’re looking for the right dentist to treat you and your family, you want to consider the range of services offered, and the level of compassionate and individualized treatment that you can expect to receive. At Houston, Vlosich & Short DDS, we make the highest quality dental care available right in your area, offering a comprehensive range of dental services, including everything from preventive to restorative and cosmetic treatments. We keep pace with most effective approaches to patient care and are experienced providing dental treatment to patients of all ages. Our expert dentists and staff will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed every time you come in for a visit. With Houston, Vlosich & Short DDS as your dentist in Amarillo, you can be certain that you and your family are getting the best that dentistry has to offer.

Our team of dentists are committed to continuing education, and are all active members of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. Dr. Ed Vlosich graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1984. He was born and raised in New Mexico, and helped the New Mexico State University football team win the 1975 Missouri Valley Conference. Dr. Todd Short graduated cum laude with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Dentistry in 1998.  He began practicing in Amarillo in 1998. Dr. Jared T. Houston also graduated cum laude from University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Dentistry in 1998 with his Doctorate Dental Surgery, and has been practicing in Amarillo since 1998. Dr. Spence Vlosich graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2012, and began practicing in Amarillo that same year.

Our practice emphasizes the importance of a preventive approach to dental care, recommending biannual visits for teeth cleanings and comprehensive exams. Our goal is to keep your teeth cavity free from the start and to detect oral health conditions in their earliest phases, when treatment is most effective. For our pediatric patients, whose lifestyle and dietary habits make them most susceptible to cavities, we offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which provide extra protection against tooth decay. For patients who avoid dental treatment due to anxiety or fear, we offer sedation options, which provide a deep feeling or relaxation and can make a lengthy procedure feel like it’s over in just minutes. Laser dentistry can also benefit patients with dental anxiety. Lasers can be used to precisely cure dental fillings, treat gum disease and perform biopsies, without heat, pressure or vibration.

We also offer an extensive menu of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. A beautiful smile contributes to a positive self-image and leaves a lasting impression on the people you meet. Our expert dentists combine the art and science of dentistry to make your dream smile an attainable reality. With minimally invasive procedures such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, your dentist can help you achieve a brighter, more harmonious smile. We use revolutionary dental implants to replace missing teeth, prevent bone loss and preserve the contours of your face. An implant acts as an artificial tooth root and fuses directly with your jaw to support a dental prosthetic. We can also replace missing teeth with fixed bridges and customized, natural looking dentures.

Houston, Vlosich & Short DDS is located on South Soncy Road, right near I-40. For residents of Amarillo and neighboring Claude and Bushland, we are a convenient choice for your local family dentist. In addition to our accessible location, we also make dental care affordable for our patients. We accept most major PPO insurance plans and offer flexible financing options through CareCredit. An expert on staff will work with you to maximize your benefits. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give your dentist in Amarillo a call today.